I’m originally from the west coast (San Diego, Seattle, Orange County, then Seattle again) and in early 2012 I moved to Austin, Texas, where I currently live and love.

My background consists of various marketing positions in agency, startup, and hospitality environments. My experience includes creating and running social media campaigns, copywriting and editing, PR, and planning and promoting events.

I also love to write, so I invest my free time in freelance blogging and social media projects.

My favorite topic to explore is anything concerning the culinary world - restaurants, recipes, food trends, you name it. I’m especially interested in food as it relates to pop culture and society.

Besides writing and cooking, I also enjoy live music, film & television, college football, theatre, and perfecting my karaoke skills.

Current projects:

Featured contributor & social media manager for Endless Simmer.
Lifestyle writer & food columnist for The Horn.
Events & Promotions for CoolinAustin
Personal blog: A Time to Kale

Some past writing:

The Hairpin / The Awl
HuffPost Taste
Examiner Seattle
HuffPost Recipes
Fashion Evolution

For excerpts, see my clips page.

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